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 The Stargate Conspiracy - The Truth about Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
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Berkley Pub Group



Clive Prince
Lynn Picknett

 Angol leírás:

The authors of "The Stargate Conspiracy" aim to expose one of the most insidious and dangerous plans of our times. One that involves intelligence agencies, politicians, international bestselling authors, and the world's leading scientists and industrialists. They believe that this conspiracy, centred upon the eternal mysteries of ancient Egypt, targets and threatens us all. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince highlight a secret agenda which has been pursued for nearly 50 years and which is emerging in the form of a hybrid fundamentalism on the eve of the Millennium. Tracing the identity of the groups involved and their pedigree through occult networks and mind-control experiments, the authors argue that at the heart of this conspiracy is the belief that ancient Egyptian gods were - and are - real extrterrestrial beings, that certain key people are in contact with these beings, and that they are about to return through the "stargate" between our world and theirs. The authors reveal that the background to these ideas can be found within astonishingly advanced scientific knowledge encapsulated in the ancient Egyptian texts, now recognized as a major influence on the development of European thought. The US-funded excavations that have taken place on the Giza plateua since the 1970s - offically denied, but for which Picknett and Prince produce documented evidence - now appear to be the result of directives allegedly received through communication with beings of higher intelligence, who are instructing the conspirators to lay the foundations for great global changes. But are we really preparing for the return of the gods? And, if so, will we be expected to accept unquestioningly the conspirators as our spokesmen? Or is this an exercise in mass deception designed to ensure our support of the conspirators? As the powerful few feed on millennial tension, triumphantly persuading us they alone know how to talk to the gods, the authors intend their work as a serious warning to mankind.

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